Question: How To Apply For Nehemiah Homes California?

Is the Nehemiah Program still available?

These grants are no longer available. The Nehemiah Program has helped over a quarter of a million Americans purchase homes. Unlike some down payment assistance programs, Nehemiah offers down payment help to anyone who qualifies for an approved FHA loan.

What is the Nehemiah Program?

The Nehemiah Program offered down payment assistance to anyone qualified for an FHA loan. There were no additional income or asset requirements. Under the Nehemiah Program, buyers could get down payment assistance for up to 6% of the final contract sales price. These funds could also be used to offset closing costs.

What is a Nehemiah home?

The Nehemiah Homes is a multi-phased development of infill homes in the Eastside neighborhood of Springfield.

What are the Nehemiah houses in Brooklyn?

The Nehemiah homes are the product of an unprecedented example of local citizens and churches that bonded together to bring affordable housing to East New York and Brownsville. Since the early 1980s, more than three thousand homes have been built under the Nehemiah housing plan.

How many projects are in Brownsville?

Brownsville has the highest concentration of public housing in the nation. Within one square mile, the community comprises more than 873 stories in over 100 different buildings.

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